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V6 British Essex Test Engine

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Many people believe burning fossil fuels is the cause of the climate change we are experiencing, how much people argue about. An obvious solution to me is to give people the choice to stop using these fuels, but without an obviously much better or much cheaper option it's a solution people find hard to take. When any fuels are burnt they release both CO2 and CO, the ratios depend on the engine, but the difference is the carbon in the carbon-dioxide and carbon monoxide is from this carbon cycle NOT from one many aeons ago that's true with any bio-fuel. They also burn cleaner, have very few particulates in the exhaust. Ethanol is just one bio-fuel, it seems to show much greater performance increases as S.I.(Otto)engines are only about 30% efficient, as efficiency seems to be a function of compression. P.I.(diesel)engines seem to be 50% efficient, I have had built what I think is the first engine that’s truly dedicated to use ethanol. It’s been built with a static compression of 16.51 to 1. just by putting OEM parts for other cars together. Again it bears mentioning I could find no one willing to admit they'd built a similar engine nor scientific research papers investigating applicable concepts or even authoritative measurement of octane. This surprised me the oil companies would need to know as they mix it with petrol and such research could have been done, perhaps it was deemed sensitive and kept propriety, this lead me to believe that ethanol has such a very high octane rating right out of the still that an ethanol engine can be vastly more efficient than any Petrol/Gasoline engine, with more HP and much more MPG.

Revised continually from 2015